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Welcome to Virginia Systema!

Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 - 9:30 PM. We break at 9:30, but most nights you can stick around afterwards to practice more, spar, or work on any topic you are interested in.

Rates are:

* $15 per class

* $40 for a month of one class/week

* $80 for a month of two classes/week

On your first night, please show up a little early on your first night to take care of paperwork.

Dress comfortably for class (non-restrictive clothes like sweatpants and t-shirts are fine). In good weather (70+ F), we train outside, so please dress appropriately. Always bring shoes that you will be comfortable jogging in.

Please don't wear anything camoflage or military in nature; Don't be That Guy.

If you are prone to sweating a lot, please also bring a workout towel and extra t-shirt.